10 Strategies to Help you Burn Body Fat

Uncategorized Mar 04, 2021


Let’s face it will no one wants to be termed “obese.” Everyone is keen to look fit and healthy – and one of the prime areas in the body where everyone wants to be slim and in shape is the belly area. Nonetheless, belly fat is a common problem, and stubborn fat is what resides around your midsection. It’s a combination of insulin resistance and high sugar consumption. If you are a person who is worried about belly fat, then read on as we tell you some top 10 strategies to burn body fat and be in shape.


The lower belly is sensitive to fat accumulation. If you are growing fat in any order, it is the belly that will expose you generously.   Some people are obsessed with looking “shapely” to don’t mind starving to reduce body fat.  To fast for hours, take foods irregularly, and use different medications that promise to burn away fats and calories are harmful and unhealthy processes. Such measures do little to reduce fat; instead, they make the body unfit and shrink the skin, leaving you looking fatter.


 We all know that too much fat is harmful to our health. It increases our weight. Fat intake in some people will cause irregular blood pressure, leading to heart disease, diabetes, and blood sugar. It may also contribute to lower bone density, hinder proper circulation, and cause chronic pains like arthritis and gouts.


Nonetheless, a certain amount of fat is necessary for proper biological functioning. Here are some benefits of fat.


  • Fat provides us energy
  • It also works as an insulator
  • It protects our internal organs
  • Fat supports the balanced hormonal secretion
  • Lack of body fat can stop the menstrual cycle in women


It hopefully becomes quite clear as to why fatty diets are indispensable from our regular meals. However, balancing it out is the real concern. Here are ten strategies that can help you burn body fat and go healthy


  • Cut carbs back: Count your glycemic index and take note of your food’s effect on your blood glucose. You can either refer to GI labels on the back of the food pack or consult a nutritionist to make you a dietary list. Do take care to avoid white grains and cereals. Such items have no carbs and no nutrients. They add to the fat.


  • Daily Exercise: While life has become more hectic, there is little time to tide over-exercising needs. Lots of running about, but little to lose. Fewer activities/metabolism results in improper digestion and, therefore, fat accumulation. If only an individual can dedicate half an hour to yoga and quick walks, much of the problem can be tackled. Freehand exercises are also an excellent affair to burn calories. You do not need to follow any rigorous workout plans; continuity is essential.


  • Interval workouts: High-intensity interval workouts are becoming popular everywhere. In this, you take a recovery break after an intense period of activity. This type of workout program is pretty helpful in burning your extra calories. High-intensity training can contribute to the cardiovascular fitness of a person.


  • Elevate Growth hormone naturally: Growth hormone is pretty essential for children and adolescents. They are also necessary for the proper functioning of different organs and tissues. But with time, our pituitary gland decreases its production of growth hormone. To deal with this, some people intake synthetic Growth hormone. But this is not harmless and not without side effects. Therefore, you should instead choose the natural ways to elevate the growth hormones. Eating non-refined carbohydrates, drinking plenty of water, interval work out, etc., can naturally boost growth hormone.  


  • Reduce calorie intake: Different food items hold a different amount of calories. If you intake more calories than your body requires, the extra calorie will wrap your body as fat. Therefore you should maintain a balance between the calorie you intake and the calorie your burn. If you are taking more, then it is time to reduce your calorie intake.


  • Never skip breakfast: Plump People often neglect their breakfast, thinking it will help them burn their fat. But actually, it a great misconception. Skipping your breakfast can never make you leaner. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Instead, a nutritionist is always advised to eat a big, sumptuous healthy meal at the start of the day. The reason is simple; there are enough activities throughout the day that will help you properly digest your morning meal. Instead, at night it is better to keep the dinner light and non-oily/non-fried.


  • Live on whole grains to: People who depend much on whole grains like wheat gram, oatmeal, bran, whole-grain cereal, brown rice, or dark bread are less prone to gain weight than people who avoid eating these. Whole grains are a good source of minerals; vitamins, fiber, protein, thiamin & riboflavin.


  • Build muscles: Big muscles burn more calories. It also makes you look attractive. Therefore, it is always advisable to build and maintain large muscles. Large muscles also increase your metabolism rate. Consequently, it is better to preserve the muscles. Disuse can cause muscle loss and can make you gain more calories. Therefore, it is better to take at least three strength training every week. If you do not like going to a gym, try squats, push-ups, triceps, dips, and abdominal exercises.


  • Have a protein-based diet: Protein requires more energy to digest. Therefore, it is advisable to take protein-rich diets. However, try to include low-fat protein diets like fish, egg whites, chicken, etc. This will help your body to burn the fat faster. Eating a protein-rich diet also helps increase your metabolism rate. It also ensures that your body muscles do not lack fibers and tissues.


  • After dinner, walk a mile: Many people go to sleep right after they eat. This is definitely a bad habit. After you eat something, your metabolism rate increases at least by 10 percent. If you choose to do some light activity for 15 to 20 minutes after eating, your metabolism rate will go high, and it can be pretty helpful to lose fat. You can choose any regular activity like climbing stairs or just a short walk outside.


  • Switch to green tea and organic coffee: Green tea is generally prescribed for losing extra fat. According to researches, people who drink green tea lose around 3.7% of body fat. Green tea includes antioxidants called catechins. These antioxidants help to reduce extra body fat. Therefore, to lose your excess fat, you can resort to green tea. Besides, Green tea organic coffee is also becoming a perfect option. Organic coffee is rich in antioxidants and is therefore very beneficial for the overweight population of the world.    


  • Speed up: If you are walking, it is advisable to walk a bit faster. Just strolling can not help you to lose weight. Therefore, gain intensity in your activities. Make your activities energetic and not lethargic. When walking, try to cover at least 1 mile per 15 minutes.









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