Why is pink salmon healthier for you?

Uncategorized Sep 13, 2020

Why is pink salmon healthier for you?

Salmon is no less than a superfood, and most nutritionists and doctors would swear by the health benefits of including this ray-finned fish in your diet. Loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, high-quality protein, vitamins, and minerals, salmon plays a crucial role in reducing risk factors in many diseases and boosts your immunity. 

Pink Salmon Vs. Red Salmon

There are different types of salmon out there, namely king, silver, sockeye, and humps. Humps are commonly known as pink salmon, while sockeye is red salmon – both generally caught from the Pacific. Pink weighs about 3 to 4 pounds with an average size of 19 to 25 inches in length, while the red salmon weighs 6 pounds and is 24 inches in length on average. 

As per USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), they both have about 6 grams of total fat per 4 ounces serving small amounts of saturated fat up to 1 gram. Pink salmon have a much lower fat content than any other species. Sockeye is relatively more expensive and regarded for its superior, rich red pigment, which often compels fish farmers to feed a naturally-occurring compound called synthetic astaxanthin to the salmons. 

Health benefits of pink salmon

Wholesome nutrition 

Having pink salmon for a meal (124 g) makes for the daily recommended value of 61% of protein intake, 10% of fat, 18% of saturated fat, 5% of sodium, and 23% of cholesterol. Moreover, it does not contain any fiber or carbohydrates and packs wholesome nutrition in a single serving. 


 Reduces risks of coronary artery disease 

From the 6.6 grams of fat content in pink salmon fillet (124 g), 49% is the “good” and healthy polyunsaturated fats. Mono and polyunsaturated fat play a critical role in regulating cholesterol levels, which fights the risks of coronary artery diseases and promotes a healthier heart. 


Lowers risk of diabetes by reducing blood glucose 

Salmon is also less saturated fat than red meat, making for a healthier alternative, as per the American Heart Association, which warns saturated and trans fat from red meat to be a threat to your cholesterol. According to research by Mayo Clinic, the copious amounts of omega-2 fatty acids also ensure a healthy heartbeat, lowers high blood pressure, and reduces blood triglycerides. 

Strengthens bones and improves hemoglobin 

Pink salmon meets more than half of the total daily amount of recommended protein (46 g for women, 56 for men) as per stats from Dietary Guidelines. High-quality protein found in pink salmon nurtures muscle tissues and induces healthy chemical reactions in the body to maintain hemoglobin levels and pump oxygen in your bloodstream.


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