Why should you eat avocado every day?

avocado avocado benfits Jul 03, 2020

The majority of us grew up believing in the age-old proverb, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But time is now to switch fruit sides – with an avocado. Yes, avocados are cited as one of nature’s rare miracle foods that pack more nutrition, powerful oxidants, and health benefits in its single serving, than found in any other fruit. Move over, apples.

So next time you consume the delicious fruit with its malleable green shell and soft, buttery flesh, be mindful of these six ways the fruit is benefiting you.

Good to the heart

Avocados have quite a reputation for being one of the few fruits that contain healthy “good” fat. They are proven to be sufficiently rich in monosaturated fat, which plays a vital role in lowering cholesterol levels and boosting overall heart health. A quarter serving of an avocado (50g) contains just 6g of total fat, which is rich in anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-reducing phytosterols known to reduce heart disease risks.


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